Skincare and Body
Fashion Tape
LKR 500.00
Fashion Tape
The Fashion Tape is a must-have fashion accessory in any closet. The clear tape will quickly solve a variety of fashion emergencies.Double-Sided: Fashion tape is double-sided, which means it has adhesive on both sides. This allows it to stick to...
LKR 500.00
Beauty Formulas Feminine Intimate Cleansing Wash 250 ml
Beauty Formulas Feminine Intimate Cleansing Wash is a gentle and pH-balanced formula specially designed for intimate hygiene. This cleansing wash is enriched with natural ingredients that help maintain the natural balance of the intimate area while providing a feeling of...
LKR 1,800.00
Multifunctional Fashion Tape
Say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions with our stylish Fashion Bra Tape! With a hypo-allergenic construction, you can keep your clothes in top shape with discreet, fashionable flair. No more embarrassing slips and slides - this tape's got your back.
LKR 800.00
Silicone Breast Form
from LKR 4,600.00
Silicone Breast Form
Soft and natural breast forms from Midnightdivas. Featuring an innovative silky-soft skin, the Breast Form offers unparalleled softness and suppleness.• Suitable for use after a full mastectomy• Versatile shape fits a variety of body types and surgery types• Lighter than...
from LKR 4,600.00
Femfresh Daily Intimate Wash Mini - 150ml
This bottle of daily intimate goodness is the perfect partner for a quick spruce in the shower. The specially designed pH-balanced formula is enriched with soothing aloe vera to keep intimate skin happy and feeling fresh all day long.• pH-balanced...
LKR 2,600.00
Sold Out
Snoring Clips - 2 Clips
The Nose Ring For Snoring is a device with a small silicone clip and an 800+ Gauss strength magnetic bead on both ends. During deep sleep, the mouth and throat muscles may relax, causing the tongue to rest and vibrate...
LKR 1,000.00
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