Skins Condoms - Strawberry 4 pack
Strawberry feels foreverTantalise your tastebuds with the delicious fruit taste sensation of Skins Strawberry Condoms!Individually wrapped Strawberry flavoured condoms for ease of use.No latex smellUltra-clear and thin condomsNatural feelExtra lubricated to make them super comfy and to offer better protectionContains natural rubber latex - sourced from the very...
LKR 1,100.00
Skins Condoms - Banana 4 pack
Bangin' Banana Flavour!Skins Flavoured Condoms are made using premium quality natural latex for a clear, natural feeling, strong condom. So thin they feel like a second skin!Never go in without a Skin!No latex smellUltra-clear and thin condomsNatural feelExtra lubricated to...
LKR 1,100.00
Skins (UK) Condoms - Chocolate pack
Skins Naughty Chocolate Condoms help make intimate times even more fun. The taste and aroma of these Chocolate Flavored condoms will add to your pleasure by delighting more of your senses.• No latex smell• Thin condoms• Natural feel• Extra lubricated•...
LKR 1,100.00
Durex (UK) Intense Condoms - 6 Pack
Turn up the intensity with Durex Intense, the perfect condom for giving her ultimate pleasure!These ribbed and dotted natural rubber latex condoms are coated with Desirex gel to deliver intense waves of warming, cooling and tingling sensations in her intimate...
LKR 3,000.00
Durex (UK) Extra Safe Condoms 6 pack
Durex Extra Safe is designed for those who want peace of mind in knowing that the condom they are using is safe.However, just because you want the peace of mind that comes with extra reassurance doesn't mean you want to...
LKR 2,800.00
Skins (UK) Strawberry Condoms 12 pack
Tantalise your tastebuds with the delicious fruit taste sensation of Skins Strawberry Condoms!Look good! Feel good! Enjoy naturally better intimate times with a condom that feels like it's a part of you. So clear and thin, they feel like a...
LKR 2,400.00
Glow in the Dark Condoms
Who doesn't like light sabres? Put one on and surprise your partner for some earth-shattering experiences. 
LKR 300.00
Skins (UK) Condoms - Bubblegum 4 Pack
Make your heart go giddy'up. These bubblegum flavoured condoms will 'blow' your mind! 'Chews' these for a deliciously sweet treat. 'Pop' these on for a condom that will make you say "Hubba Hubba" (...ok we're out of Bubblegum jokes). Rely...
LKR 1,100.00
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