Velvet Jewellery Box
This beautiful velvet jewellery box is sure to catch anyone’s eyes! Whether you’re looking to buy it as a gift, or just feel like treating yourself (go on, you deserve it!) you can be sure this won’t be a purchase...
LKR 5,500.00
Sultry Addison Diva Box
Items included in the box Skins (UK) Mango & Passion fruit Water Based Lubricant 5ml (2) - LKR 1,000.00  Sexy Guipure Pearl G-String Black - LKR 1,200.00 Sultry Addison - LKR 5,200.00 Skins (UK) Condoms Dots and Ribs - 4 Pack...
LKR 9,300.00
Sensuous Ann Blue Diva Box
Items included in the box Glow In The Dark Dice - LKR 600.00 Sex Cheque - LKR 1,000.00 Fun Time Original Lube 75ml - LKR 2,900.00 Bell Nipple Clamp - LKR 1,200.00  Skins condom natural - LKR 1,600.00 White Floral...
LKR 15,500.00
Sensuous Pearl Diva Box
Items included in the box Fifty Shades Of Grey Blindfold - LKR 2,500.00 Sexy Guipure Pearl G-String (Red) - LKR 1,200.00 Skins (UK) Anal Hybrid Silicone and Water Based Lubricant 130ml - LKR 8,900.00 Skins (UK) Strawberry Water Based Lubricant...
LKR 22,300.00
Alison Rae Diva Box
LKR 27,000.00
Alison Rae Diva Box
Items included in the box Fur Leather Handcuffs (Black) - LKR 2,500.00 Skins (UK) Strawberry (4) singles - LKR 350.00 each Mini Love Delay Spray LKR 4900.00 Sex Cheque - LKR 1,000.00 Feather Nipple Clips (Red) - LKR 1,400.00 Booty...
LKR 27,000.00
Gift Box
LKR 300.00
Gift Box
You really do deserve everything and hooray for! Add the perfect finishing touch to your gift with our beautiful gift boxes available in recycled paper, it is the perfect way to delight your partner! Contents excluded. (Dimensions 12 inches *...
LKR 300.00
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