Durex Products
Durex (UK) Play Feel 50ml
Durex Play is a light silky lube giving you an intensely sensual experience which contains a specially formulated blend of ingredients which will enhance touch between you and your partner. It can ease vaginal dryness & intimate discomfort whilst creating...
LKR 3,900.00
Durex (UK) Surprise Me Variety - 40 Pack
Struggling to find the right condom will soon be a thing of the past with the Durex (UK) Surprise Me Condom Variety Box. All you need is to choose a condom according to your mood each time: desire for an...
LKR 16,000.00
Durex (UK) Sensilube - Intimate Moisturising Gel 40ml
Restoring Comfort, Restoring you. For reassurance and comfort. To soothe and relieve. Designed to be close to your body's natural moisture. Because taking care of your intimate area is important.  Experiencing dryness? Durex Sensilube soothes and relieves so you can restore...
LKR 4,300.00
Durex (UK) Play Stimulating
Durex (UK) Play Stimulating is a lubricating gel with stimulating action, which contains guarana extract and has a sensual aroma, giving exciting experiences. It is soft and silky, ideal for the whole body, as well as for use in sensitive...
LKR 8,100.00
Durex (UK) Pleasure Ring
The new Durex Pleasure Ring has been designed to help you to maintain a firmer erection for longer and to intensify the pleasure for you both. It's a super stretchy and discrete. Pleasure Ring that can be used with or...
LKR 5,200.00
Durex (UK) Intense Condoms - 6 Pack
Turn up the intensity with Durex Intense, the perfect condom for giving her ultimate pleasure!These ribbed and dotted natural rubber latex condoms are coated with Desirex gel to deliver intense waves of warming, cooling and tingling sensations in her intimate...
LKR 5,200.00
Sold Out
Durex (UK) Cheeky Cherry Flavoured Lube 100ml
Fancy something a little sweeter? We’ve taken the fresh, sweet flavour of cherries and captured it in our Durex Cherry Lube. Rich with the aroma and the taste of cherries, it’s suitable for oral and vaginal intimate experiences and is...
LKR 6,800.00
Durex (UK) Warming Water Based Pleasure Gel Lube 100ml
Durex Play Warming lubricant is a beautifully silky water-based lube that delivers thrilling warming sensations. As well as turning up the temperature between you and your partner, this Durex lube can also help ease the discomfort of vaginal dryness for...
LKR 6,800.00
Durex (UK) Thin Feel Condoms 6 pack
We understand that intimate times should feel good. For a deep connection and intimate contact, Durex Thin Feel condoms help maximize sensitivity for you and your partner whilst maintaining the same high level of protection. Features: · Pre-lubricated with silicone lube· Nominal width of 56mm· Durex quality: 100% electronically tested with 5...
LKR 3,200.00
Durex (UK) Extra Safe Condoms - 6 Pack
Durex Extra Safe is designed for those who want peace of mind in knowing that the condom they are using is safe.However, just because you want the peace of mind that comes with extra reassurance doesn't mean you want to...
LKR 3,200.00
Durex (UK) Extended Pleasure Condoms - 12 pack
Our Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms have Performa™ lubricant to help delay his orgasm, keeping him excited and helping to make intimate times last longer. We have improved the comfort and smell so there’s no distraction when you’re getting it on.
LKR 6,200.00
Durex Real Feel Condoms - 12 Pack
Durex Real Feel is a next generation condom made from a technologically advanced non-latex material to provide a natural skin on skin feeling. The Real Feel material can help to maximize both his and her pleasure through the combination of intimacy, sensitivity and connectivity. These condoms are also...
LKR 6,200.00
Durex (UK) Invisible Extra Sensitive Condoms - 12 Pack
Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive Condoms have been designed to be extra thin to maximize sensitivity, whilst still maintaining the high Durex standards.Features: • ExtraThin, compared with standard Durex natural rubber latex condoms, • Extra Sensitive• Straight walled & teat ended• Transparent & lubricated natural rubber latex condoms• Nominal width: 52mm
LKR 7,200.00
Durex (UK) Mutual Climax Condoms – 12 Pack
Durex Mutual Climax condoms are made to help you both move in sync, for enhanced chances of mutual climax. Our special ‘his and hers’ condoms are ribbed and dotted on the outside for sensitizing and speeding her arousal, and lubed...
LKR 6,200.00
Durex (UK) Play Sensual
Heighten your senses and your sensuality with our Play™ sensual massage 2 in 1 lube and gel. Made with seductive Ylang Ylang extract, it's gentle enough for a full body massage as well as for use in intimate areas. Purchase...
LKR 8,100.00
Durex (UK) Intense Gel For Her
Durex Intense Stimulating Gel is designed for more intense sensations. A few drops on the intimate areas during foreplay will bring warming, cooling or tingling sensations to increase her sensitivity. 80% of women who used Durex Intense Stimulating Gel in...
LKR 7,900.00
Durex (UK) Intense Ring
Vibrating love ring designed to give pleasure to both partners Helps keep him harder for longer Vibrating bullet provides additional stimulation during foreplay and intimate times. Durex Intense Vibrations Love Ring is a vibrating ring that is designed to provide...
LKR 5,200.00
Durex (UK) Little Devil Love Ring
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT The Durex Intense Ring is designed to help keep him harder for longer Vibrating ‘horns’ stimulates her intimate areas adding more sensation during naughty times! Small, discreet and quiet Durex Intense Little Devil is a love...
LKR 5,900.00
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