Powerect Intimate Cream 20ml
Powerect is a unique natural multi-action formula designed for men seeking greater pleasure during intimate encounters.Powerect contains a powerful blend of traditional exotic herbal ingredients renowned to promote positive sexual health, including L’arginine, catuaba bark, panax ginseng, gingko biloba, muira puama,...
LKR 5,900.00
Skins (UK) Strawberry Water Based Lubricant 5ml
Succulent Strawberry the Roman symbol of Venus, the Goddess of Love and anything but sweet! Treat your body like a temple; let your inner temptress run wild through strawberry fields and your lust for red-hot passion picnic on this! Indulge...
LKR 450.00
Skins (UK) Watermelon Water Based Lubricant 5ml
Purify your thirst for desire with Refreshing Watermelon. Let your love blossom with these seeds of love. Have a slice of your life and drench yourself in some mouth-watering summer love. Indulge in a healthy sex life and feed your...
LKR 450.00
Skins (UK) Mango & Passion fruit Water Based Lubricant 5ml
Juicy Mango & Passion fruit Flavored Water Based Lubricant for fruity fun. An oasis of thirst-quenching delights, Skins Fruity Lubes actually taste like real fruit and have none of the after taste that can be sometimes associated with flavored lubes....
LKR 450.00
Skins (UK) Excite Tingling Water Based Lubricant 5ml
Skins Excite has all the fun and goodness of Skins Aqua lube but with added zing. Featuring LArginine it increases blood flow to the area where the lube is. This heightens sensation for women and leads to a firmer feeling...
LKR 450.00
Skins (UK) Super Slide Silicone Lubricant Sachet 5ml
Superslide is made from only the highest quality silicone, making it light and smooth but with all the staying power you would ever need. Superslide lubricates even underwater, so you can take it into the shower or bath for added...
LKR 575.00
Skins (UK) Salted Caramel Water Based Lubricant 130ml
Turn yourself into an insatiable treat with the sensuously smooth Salted Caramel Seduction from Skins. Truly hedonistic, the combination of sweet creamy caramel in twined with a slightly salty zing makes everything it touches taste phenomenal.  - Great tasting water based...
LKR 5,900.00
Skins (UK) Anal Hybrid Silicone and Water Based Lubricant 130ml
When it comes to back door adventures there’s no such thing as too much lube. With no lubrication of its own, this area calls for a slightly thicker and more slippery lube.   Enter Skins Anal – for fabulously friction free...
LKR 6,900.00
Skins (UK) Mint Chocolate Water Based Lubricant 130ml
Cool, refreshing and deliciously moreish, Skins Mint Chocolate Passion combines the freshness of pure peppermint with the lush indulgence of smooth milk chocolate. Just perfect to turn you into a tasty after dinner treat.  - Great tasting water-based lube - 100% Natural...
LKR 5,200.00
Skins (UK) Bubblegum Water Based Lubricant 130ml
Blow your mind, and your partner’s, with this fabulously fun and fruity flavor explosion. You’ll soon be going hubba hubba with this bubblicious beauty - just remember not to chew.  - Great tasting water-based lube - Gentle, Non staining Formula - Silky Smooth...
LKR 5,200.00
Skins Double Chocolate Water Based Lubricant (130ml)
Experiences double the delight with the deliciously chocolaty double chocolate desire lube from Skins. Lose yourself in the moment as you surrender to the irresistibly indulgent melt in your mouth taste of smooth, velvety chocolate.   - Great Tasting water-based lube -...
LKR 5,200.00
Durex (UK) Play Sensual
Heighten your senses and your sensuality with our Play™ sensual massage 2 in 1 lube and gel. Made with seductive Ylang Ylang extract, it's gentle enough for a full body massage as well as for use in intimate areas. Purchase...
LKR 5,900.00
Durex (UK) Play Massaging Aloe Vera
Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 contains Aloe Vera, known for its skin soothing properties and perfect to enhance your massage. It is smooth and silky and is gentle enough to be used all over the body as well as...
LKR 5,900.00
Orgie Hemp! Intense Serum
Hemp! Intense Orgasm was developed to promote an electrifying vibrating effect with slight heating and cooling sensations in the intimate areas. In addition to the hemp seed oil, its formula also has Acmella Oleracea Extract, Isopentyldiol, Niacinamide among other active ingredients...
LKR 6,900.00
Orgie She Spot Arousal Serum
G-spot is characterized as an erogenous zone of the vagina which can lead to high levels of sexual arousal, intense orgasms and potential female ejaculation when stimulated.It is reported to be located up the front vaginal wall between the vaginal...
LKR 7,900.00
Orgie Vaginal Tightening Gel
Orgie Tighten Gel is a soothing, non-reactive to the skin product which improves the elasticity of vagina in a very short amount of time. Tightening cream claims to battle dryness, refresh your sexual performance and increase deep insertion time period.Good...
LKR 5,900.00
Health Point 2 in 1 Lube
Spice up your intimate life with our 2 in 1 massage and lubricating gel with soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
LKR 3,900.00
Vush (Australia) CLEAN QUEEN Intimate Accessory Spray
Give your products the royal treatment by making it reign with this intimate accessory spray, designed to treat your self-love products as well as they treat you. Clean Queen is made with no nasties to keep your intimate massagers, accessories...
LKR 3,700.00
Vush (Australia) FEELIN' MYSELF Intimate Gel 100ml
When you're feelin' yourself, but need a helping hand to get down to business, Feelin' Myself Intimate Gel is here to help make your smooth moves even smoother. Whether you're riding solo or duetting, it's perfect for both intimate massages...
LKR 4,600.00
Natural feeling, extra-long-lasting Water-based Lubricant for natural intimacy. Designed specifically to enhance the pleasure and comfort of intimacy. Skins Aqua is the most natural feeling water-based lubricant you can find. Clear, odourless and water-based Gentle, non-staining and fragrance-free Silky smooth...
LKR 450.00
Intimate Earth Soothe Anal Glide
SOOTHE is a premium, paraben-free, water and plant-derived glycerin anal glide. This formula is blended with guava bark extract - a natural astringent cleansing agent. Provides maximum lubrication for the comfort and enjoyment of both partners. Safe to ingest.
LKR 4,900.00
Skins Delay Serum Sachet 5ml
SKINS DELAY® 1 in 3 men will experience Premature Ejaculation (PE) at some point during their lives. This is likely to have an effect on their mental health and personal wellness. Skins Delay® gives retailers and e-tailers the opportunity to...
LKR 1,450.00
Skins (USA) Delay Serum 30ml
SKINS DELAY® 1 in 3 men will experience Premature Ejaculation (PE) at some point during their lives. This is likely to have an effect on their mental health and personal wellness. Skins Delay® gives retailers and e-tailers the opportunity to...
LKR 8,900.00
Durex Tingling Lube
Spice up your love life with the help from the tingling, warming and cooling sensations of Durex Play Tingling gel. Menthol and fragrance free. Get yours now. • Tingling, cooling and warming sensations • Gentle on the Easy to wash...
LKR 5,200.00
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