What is the secret to ROCKIN' your shapewear?

What is the secret to ROCKIN' your shapewear?

We love that women are celebrating their bodies more and more. They're not scared of looking amazing, bursting with confidence instead of hiding their imperfections behind baggy clothes.

One of the secrets behind this fantastic change in mindset is shaping undergarments, which have helped us gain the confidence to use clothes we thought were “banned” for our so-called body types. But knowing how to order the right size shapewear online can be a little confusing the first time, right? And there's nothing more disappointing than finally receiving your awesome shapewear in the mail one week later, only to discover that it is the wrong size.

We want you to enjoy our products and we want it to be love at first sight. So here's a guide with expert tips from the Midnightdiva community that we've set up to help you out. Let’s start! You’ll be ready to find the best and most comfortable when you order shapewear online for the first time - pinky-swear!

Beware of these four shapewear rookie mistakes

  1. Not all shapewear is created equally

A true Midnightdiva knows which type of shapewear to wear for each and every outfit. Shapewear is no longer just for special occasions, but can give us that extra va-va-voom that we LOVE and NEED each off day.

  1. Do your research before buying

Before placing your order, take some time and browse our website so you know exactly what are the best options for your needs.


  1. Pick the right size

What is the secret to ROCKIN' your shapewear? Order the right size - simple as that. The wrong size can leave you gasping for air, feeling sick and dizzy.

But worst of all, it can ruin the look you are striving for, leaving you uncomfortable and frumpy. Take the time to look over our sizing guide that shows you how to correctly measure yourself. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend going a size up if you're looking for super comfort, or size down if you're looking for super compression.

Still, confused? Have an actual human being help you out - you can contact us right here. We'd love to help you out!


  1. Build your shapewear wardrobe by focusing on your shaping goals

Need to smooth things out? Looking for a dress-friendly companion? Is chub-rub your worst enemy? Whatever you choose, take in mind WHY you're getting this and WHAT you'll wear it with. Go for extra compression if you're into bodycon dresses and pencil skirts. Likewise, check out Postpartum Tummy Control for feeling tummy-comfortable during the day or some good quality Butt lifter shorts to get your thighs in check all day long.

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