Door Jam Love Swing

Door Jam Love Swing

LKR 5,200.00

If you feel it’s time to spice things up and explore, here’s what you’re looking for! Finding new ways to provide stimulating access for you and your partner and intensifying pleasure for both of you! This love swing allows you to enjoy your fantasies and be creative! It’s designed with your safety and comfort in mind, to push boundaries yet feel comfortable doing it.

All you need is a door to set it up. Simply place the love swing over a sturdy door, and the secure fittings will hold it in place once the door is closed. Once it’s in place, adjust the harness to get in position. Put your feet, legs, knees or ankles on the adjustable foot straps, grab onto the handles for support, and sit on the adjustable padded seat to explore a whole new world of fun! 

Privacy and safety is included and supports up to 100Kgs. 

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LKR 5,200.00
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